Card or Card Activation Process

Are you having problem activating your netspend card? if so then this post will help you to activate your netspend card in minutes. After you activate your card your money will be safe and secure with netspend so you have nothing to worry about.

To activate you netspend prepaid card you will have to go to the netspend website where you can activate your card but I have also added a link which you can click on to go to the netspend card activation page.

Here is the link: Netspend Activate Card Page

Netspend Card Activation Process:

There are two steps which you will have to complete to activate your card, and after you activate your card you can use it to pay your bills, you can also pay to shops and restaurants and many more. NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card Activation Benefits

Step 1- To activate your netspend prepaid card you will have to enter your card number which will be either 16 digits or 20 digits long.

Step 2- In the second box you will have to enter your 3 digit CVV number which you can find on the back of you card! if you don’t know what I am talking about this this picture might help you.

If you make any mistake then don’t panic because netspend will automatically redirect you to the error page where you can put your card activation number again to activate your card.

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