Speed Up Your WordPress Blog By 200% Guaranteed

Learn how to increase your website page load time by 200% guaranteed, I will show you some free ways to reduce your page load time so that your visitor can surf your website easily.

A slow website is going to effect your business badly because no one likes to visit a site that takes 1 minute to load and this is why webmasters like you are always looking for new ways to reduce page load time.

After hours of researching I have found some good resources that has helped to reduce my web page loading time by 200% and I can guarantee that you will also get the benefit if you use my methods. Below you will find all the resource that I have used to speed up my blog.

CloudFlare: CloudFlare is a CND network which helps to increase your website loading time and protects your website from online hackers. This is a must use for every blog and CloudFlare is free to use. Create an account and change your name server to start using CloudFlare.

JS & CSS Script Optimizer: What this plugin does is it packs and combines all the scripts from your website and then moves the JavaScripts into the footer to make your website load much faster.

W3 Total Cache: This is a must have WordPress plugin for every webmaster because this plugin can help your speed up your website and it also saves your bandwidth. It is a highly recommended plugin for every webmaster.

WP Smush.it: If you use lot’s of images on your blog then this plugin is recommended because images makes your website load slower but if you use this plugin then all your images will be optimized for faster loading. You don’t have to do anything to optimize the images because each time you add a new images to your post the plugin will automatically optimize your image.

WP Avoid Slow: This plugin does something in the .htacces to speed up your blog. I have installed this one on my blog and I don’t know but it does help in speeding up page load time.

Install all the plugins including CloudFlare to speed up your blog by 200% and if you have any suggestion or question then I would love to hear it.

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