Top 4 Best Thumbnail Related Posts Plugins For WordPress

Displaying related posts on your blog will help you keep your visitor for a long time which will increase your website traffic and bounce rate. But now there are many WordPress plugins available which you can use to display related posts with thumbnails.

My recent study says people likes thumbnail posts more than text so a related posts with thumbnail will surely increase your website traffic, I know some people will ask me why I am not using the thumbnail plugins on my blog the reason is I don’t want to increase my website page load time and I have already used many images on my site to make it look good so that’s why I didn’t add the plugin.

Update: I have finally added the Nrelate Related Content plugin on my blog because it has increased my page load time and now my other related content plugin are deleted.

You should also choose the right plugin for your blog because a wrong plugin might hurt your page load time and website rankings and as we all know website page load time can affect your rankings on Google. Below you will find the best 4 thumbnail related posts plugins for WordPress which most of the people use on their blog.

1. Nrelate Related Content

This plugin is the best and one of the top plugin that can display accurate related posts with thumbnail, you can choose different layout style to make your related posts section more stylish and attractive. The options and functions are outstanding so I will recommend everyone to use this plugin.

2. WP-Thumbie

A very good plugin which is very easy to customize and you can change the options easily to adjust it with your blog. You can choose how many posts you want to display and many more.

3. Related Posts Thumbnails

This plugin is my favorite and it doesn’t affect your website page load time, very easy to use and simple to install so you should try this one because it has more features than any other plugin. You might need Generate Post Thumbnails plugin to generate the thumbnails for your posts.

4. Linkwithin

This is another good plugin which is free to download, you can easily configure it and adding this plugin on your posts is very simple all you have to do is add your blog link and the plugin will create the widget for your blog, you can’t make any changes with this plugin.

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