Top 9 Best Android Apps To Make Free Calls On Your SmartPhone

Android SmartPhone can be used to make free calls to other Android phone by installing a simple phone calling app which is free to download. There are many popular free phone calling apps which can be used to make free calls and today I am going to share the 9 best android apps with you so that you can also make free calls.

This is a great idea and I love this because now I can talk with my friends for free and all they need is an android phone and a phone calling app. I have tested some apps to see how they works and after trying 16 apps I have found only 9 apps which is worth downloading.

To make things more interesting you can try the video call system which you can use to see your friends or family member live on your android phone. Now you can call your friends from anywhere you want and the best thing is you don’t have to pay a cent to make this calls. Below I am going to list the 9 best apps which I think you should try.

1. Viber

2. Tango

3. Fring

4. Nimbuzz

5. Qik Video Connect

6. Skype

7. Yahoo! Messenger

8. Truphone

9. ooVoo

If you face any problem running the apps on your android phone then you can contact me by email so that I can help your install the apps on your device and off course I will do the work for free because I love helping others.

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