VideoPad: Free Video Editing Software Download

Are you looking for the best and free video editing software so that you can edit your favorite videos and make them more cool by adding different effects and many more. VideoPad is a very popular and free video editing software that thousands of people are using to edit their videos.

This software is very easy to use and the interface is clean and easy to navigate, you can add multiple clips and sound tracks in one video. VideoPad has many awesome features that no other free video editing software offers.

The latest version of the software is 2.41 and download file size is 3.76MB, the system requirements are Windows XP/Vista/7 and according to this software has been downloaded 1,002,962 times and this software is in the no.5 ranking in video editing software. You can upgrade the software by paying a small $69.95 fee.

Downloading and installing this software is another easy task because the installation process is very simple you don’t have to be a pro to install this video editing software. With VideoPad you will receive some videos which will show you how to create and edit video files and how to add different effects on a video to make it looks more awesome.

To find the tutorial you will have to go to YouTube and then search for “VideoPad video editing software” after the search completes you will see different tutorials which will show you how to create and edit videos by using VideoPad.

Here is the download link: VideoPad Download

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